About Triple Jump Trailblazers – THE #1 BEST-SELLING BOOK

“What a book… a must-read for all athletics fans!”
Jonathan Edwards
Triple Jump World Record Holder

Spanning over a 100 years, Triple Jump Trailblazers recounts the fascinating history of the triple jump combined with revelationary hidden stories of the trials and tribulations behind the legendary best athletes that have ever lived! Plotting the chronology of human progress through the early days of amateur athletics, from those who paved the way for future generations to the advancements of the modern day, detailing how the event has evolved from its humble beginnings to now being a staple of the track & field disciplines in athletics and the Olympics. With Triple Jump Trailblazers, you can join the next evolutionary stage of applying the NEW Harvey-Benns Method to determine the greatest Triple Jumper of all-time!

  • Foreword by WILLIE BANKS!
  • Exclusive interview with JONATHAN EDWARDS!
  • The incredible stories behind the event’s LEGENDS and their successes (men & women)!
  • Amazing STATS throughout, plotting the progress of the WORLD RECORD and those that will challenge it in the future!
  • Our TOP 20 GOAT Ranking using the new HARVEY-BENNS METHOD!