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Andy Benns

Best-Selling Author | Client Services Director (Corporate Property) | Charity Trustee

Andy Benns

Andy Benns, co-author of the best-selling book Triple Jump Trailblazers and the Harvey-Benns Method, is a proud father and enjoys the finer things in life, at a pace that allows full enjoyment!

With two children and a house to refurbish, spare time is at a premium but in the last few years, Andy has published two books commemorating the sacrifice of Old Boys from his school in the First World War.  Remembrance is an important part of his life, and it is that desire to not let the deeds of those that came before us that has fueled his own part in this journey through the triple jump annals.

Always a keen spectator of sport, particularly track and field in its 1990s heyday, Andy is a passionate Liverpool FC (football), Denver Broncos (NFL), and Denver Nuggets fan (NBA) yet will gladly watch any sport when the opportunity arises!  Perhaps this will not be the only sporting history he writes in the next few years having caught the bug…