About the Harvey-Benns Method – Created by the Authors of #1 Best-Seller Triple Jump Trailblazers

“The Harvey-Benns Method is fascinating and a real step forward in evaluating performances across the generations!”
Jonathan Edwards
Triple Jump World Record Holder

Ever wondered how to fairly compare athletes of eras gone by with today’s modern competitors to see who comes out as the very best of all time? Now you can with the Harvey-Benns Method!

We’ve worked tirelessly to come up with a unique track & field scoring system to fairly and objectively appraise individual track & field disciplines/events through the lens of greatest historical impact and achievement; thus determining a meritocratic ranking order of All-Time Global Greatness. To even feature as a named athlete in our rankings is the achievement of the rare track & field elite – achieved through talent, timing, commitment, competitiveness, and mental toughness!

The Harvey-Benns Method ensures that the greatest track & field athletes through the ages, from across all disciplines, shall not be forgotten!

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